Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Kids getting Baptized :)

< Miss Kourtney!

And Mr. Coop!

< Miss Karsen!

This was a Wonderful day! Made my Soul Dance!
The kids have all asked Jesus into there
hearts and wanted to be obedient and follow it in
Baptism. They were so excited!

Were Back........."Basketball Season"

"Miss Karsen"

Boys took 1st place!

 it has been a long time!! I finally went and bought a new cord so I can download pictures again :) Well Basketball season was very long and BUSY!! Have two children on a traveling team was a little crazy :? But we really enjoyed it. Eric coached Coop's team so that made it a little more easier, So I could get Karsen to were she needed to be. Kourtney gets to start next year.......So it will be REALLY exciting next year :)