Friday, September 19, 2008

New Blogger!!!

Ok......I finally did it! well kind of! Karsen picked out all the back grounds and got it all set up, Love those kids! Well we are finally to the count down!! Kalahan should be here in a couple weeks! I will be there on the first! Can't wait we have everything ready! we just need her now! It has been a fight in our house about what outfit she is going to wear first??? So many things to choose from! Well I will try to be good at this blogging thing and keep you all posted!! :)

Josiah Heath Coffman!

Here is my number two nephew!! Born to Heath and Audrey! I love all these new babies, Soon ours will be next!!!

Clay Steven Crow!

There are two new babies to share this is Clay Steven Crow! Born to Jessica and Bob I can't wait to hold him!!

First Day of School!!

Were does the time go.....Karsen has started 6th :( Cooper has started 3rd and is in football!! This is so fun to watch! Kourtney is in 2nd! but she acts like "8th" not looking forward to that with her!