Monday, October 27, 2008

Super Bowl Champs!!!

Holy Cow!!! This was a nail biter! At half time it was still 0 to 0!! this team had a very good defence! and they had Cooper's number!! He was not happy......So after half time he finally pulled out some tricks and scored!! That was the best feeling, and we all stopped sweating so much! Then he made one more touch down at the end and we WON......12 to 0!! Oh my goodness...were we excited or what!! What a fun day for the Lucas family! In two weeks we are having a Super bowl Party for all the grades here at our house!! Were doing a huge bomb fire and hot dogs and all the good stuff were going to have over 100 kids and adults here!!! oh my.......I am renting a port-a-potty!! Don't think I want that many people in my house! I will take pics. of that little event too!! Well that's what 's new in our world!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our little Football Star!

O.k.....I must brag a little on our little Coop! He's a big stud on the football field!! there team is undefeated so far they play one more game on Sat. then it's off to SUPER BOWL!! We already won our spot to go last week to go! We are sooo excited, Cooper has scored a little over 100 points this season, he is so fun to watch, Two weeks ago they played in Joplin, and after the game Eric and Coop were at the concession stand and the president over the Missouri youth football program came up to Eric and said, your son is a very talented young man, I heared about his playing, and after I watched one of his games I've been coming to watch him play every game and I enjoy it a lot! I asked Eric...were your feet off the ground? or did your head just explode?? We are so proud of Cooper and love the little poop to death!! The girls think it's pretty cool too....because now he's getting to be friends with some of the big boy football players and they don't seem to be minding much!!!! Oh these girls!! Pray for me!! Well I will let you know how SUPER BOWL goes!!

Friday, October 10, 2008


We just wanted to tell everyone who has been praying for us, Thank you so much! I know it has helped tremendously! Even though we are so broken hearted, we know that the Lord is in this ,and even though we do not know why this is happening he does! It is hard because we cannot see the future, but Hallelujah we serve a God who does!! I know he has something great in store for us down the road, He has already blessed me so much with a wonderful husband and four wonderful children, Just please continue to pray for this precious baby girl that I had the privilege to be a part of for the first five days of her life, and that the Lord will have his hand upon her through out her life. Thank you so much, Love the Lucas family

Friday, September 19, 2008

New Blogger!!!

Ok......I finally did it! well kind of! Karsen picked out all the back grounds and got it all set up, Love those kids! Well we are finally to the count down!! Kalahan should be here in a couple weeks! I will be there on the first! Can't wait we have everything ready! we just need her now! It has been a fight in our house about what outfit she is going to wear first??? So many things to choose from! Well I will try to be good at this blogging thing and keep you all posted!! :)

Josiah Heath Coffman!

Here is my number two nephew!! Born to Heath and Audrey! I love all these new babies, Soon ours will be next!!!

Clay Steven Crow!

There are two new babies to share this is Clay Steven Crow! Born to Jessica and Bob I can't wait to hold him!!

First Day of School!!

Were does the time go.....Karsen has started 6th :( Cooper has started 3rd and is in football!! This is so fun to watch! Kourtney is in 2nd! but she acts like "8th" not looking forward to that with her!